If Pastors Are Being Jailed For Flouting COVID-Protocols, Politicians Must be Jailed as Well

If Pastors Are Being Jailed For Flouting COVID-Protocols, Politicians Must be Jailed as Well

Administrative Bishop at Perez Dome, Apostle Raymond Acquah is asking government to jail politicians who participated in the New Patriotic Party’s primaries over the weekend for flouting social distancing rules.

Apostle Acquah says if pastors have been arrested and jailed in the country for flouting the ban on churches, then it will only be fair to jail politicians for flouting Covid-19 protocols as well.

“Politicians held primaries without any social distancing, nobody says anything but a pastor meets his congregation with less than 30 people and police storm his church to arrest him for breaking rules.

“And as result, they end up in jail. What kind of explanation goes for this one,” he lamented Friday on Joy FM’s Ghana Connect programme.

In April, a pastor from Tongor-Abui in the Volta region has been jailed four years alongside two others, for defying the ban on social gatherings.

Sampson Agakpe, the founder of the Church of Pure Christ, assistant pastor, Maxwell Dzogoedzikpe and church secretary, Samuel Agakpe were arrested on April 12 for holding a church service contrary to the president’s orders.

Prosecutors say more than 50 persons attended the service, all of whom managed to escape when police stormed the venue.

Some pastors after the NPP held its parliamentary primaries on June 20, 2020 have accused the governing party of flouting Covid-19 protocols, especially because delegates and supporters did not observe social distancing during the event.

According to them, politicians who participated in the primaries flouted Covid-19 precautionary measures by allowing masses to gather during the primaries without any proper measures in place.

Pastor Acquah who is among pastors making such demands said it will be very unfair if politicians who flouted the same rule pastors have been jailed for are left unpunished.

He is, therefore, asking the government to either release these jailed pastors or apply the same jail sanction to politicians who participated in the just-ended NPP primaries if indeed the laws of the state work.

“We are a church, we are in a state and we believe also that the state must be respected therefore the right thing must be done,” he said.


Source: Myjoyonline.com