I Out of 100 Children Born Diagnosed With Hole-in-Heart Condition-Cardio Boss

I Out of 100 Children Born Diagnosed With Hole-in-Heart Condition-Cardio Boss

By: Newswatchgh.com

The Head of the National Cardiothoracic Centre at Korle Bu, Dr. Lawrence Sereboe, has stated that averagely one out of every 100 children born are diagnosed with hole-in-heart condition, a situation which calls for urgent attention and support.

“It is not uncommon because one out of 100 children born will have one form of a hole-in-heart condition,” he stated when Global NewsWatch Media and Communications Ltd, managers of newswatchgh.com, a Faith-based online news portal, presented a cheque for GH¢ 20,000 as part payment for the open-heart surgery for 3-year-old Nina Awupireh.

A clinical evaluation and examination by the Cardio Centre confirmed of a hole-in heart condition in the little girl known as Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) and Pulmonary Stenosis.

The letter from the Cardio Centre stated that for the “Further management of her condition will involve an open-heart surgery” which will cost $9,000 (about GH¢ 50,000) to cover the cost of further investigations, surgery, anaesthesia, intensive care and boarding for a maximum of two weeks.”

In order to help little Nina to undergo the surgery, Global NewsWatch Media and Communications Ltd., in collaboration with the Holy Family Catholic Church at Mataheko in Accra, initiated an exercise to raise funds to save her life.

At the presentation ceremony at the Cardio Centre on August 20, 2020, Dr. Sereboe noted that little Nina was born with the hole-in-heart condition and she has grown to this stage but has not grown to her full potential because of her condition.

“If by God’s grace we finish the surgery, you will see the rate of growth and she will probably grow faster. She will grow to achieve her milestone,” he said, tutoring that “The condition is not the fault of Nina's father or mother.”

He hinted that “some of children who have severe conditions are usually not compatible with life, and they die soon after birth or even aborted spontaneously.”

According to him, many of them who survive at birth do not reach their first month or birthday and because of the severity of the problem, some of them also do not grow to celebrate their 5th birthday without any intervention.

He however noted that with corrective surgery, a lot of these children can develop normally to contribute to the development of the country.

According to him, in Ghana, between 4,000 and 5,000 children have hole-in-heart conditions, a situation he described worrying because parents of many affected children whose could not afford to bear the cost involved in heart surgery, hence some are left to die.

The Cardio boss revealed that Ghana is second to India when it comes to good pricing for hole-in-heart surgery as patients only pay for the input and added that “the centre has very good and experienced surgeons and the success rate is very high.”

He thanked Global NewsWatch for supporting the family of little Nina for her to have a normal life and called on philanthropists to support Little Nina and other people with heart conditions to enable them to undergo surgery.

The parents of Little Nina who cannot raise the $9,000 are appealing through Global NewsWatch Media and Communications Ltd., to government, NGOs, Church Societies and philanthropists and Ghanaians in general to help raise the remaining GH¢ 30,000 to save their daughter, who has a promising future.

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