Christian Caucus to Examine Election 2020 Manifestos

Christian Caucus to Examine Election 2020 Manifestos

ELECTION2020 manifestos of the major political parties will face yet another major test as to whether they meet the expectations of the Christian voter community.

Dubbed the “Alternative Manifesto Forum (AMF) 2020” under the theme – “Moving Ghana Forward: An Independent View on Political Manifestos” the event will bring together key representatives of all the major political parties, civil society organizations, media and will be held at the Ghana Academy of Arts & Sciences, Accra on Wednesday 28th October 2020 9am.

According to the chairman of the group policy strategist Edem Senanu, the forum will serve as the first of many bold steps “to provide a permanent and proactive Christian voice on Governance and national issues in the nation”

Source: Advocates for Christ