Handling COVID-19 Cases Demand Expert Advice

Handling COVID-19 Cases Demand Expert Advice

By: Damian Avevor

Sharing his opinion on what can be done to salvage the novel coronavirus situation in Ghana, the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Ho in the Volta Region says one thing that is paramount in handling a pandemic is seeking professional advice.

“In this case, government needs to listen to our epidemiologists and the medical specialists in general,” Bishop Emmanuel Kofi Fianu, SVD, said in an interview.

He decried the politization of decisions and the steps being taken to face the pandemic, saying “Rumours that the figures being published are “doctored” do not build confidence among the population.”

“We all need to intensify the necessary education of the population to understand the situation before us and to appreciate the need to follow strictly the protocols in place,” the Bishop said.

Bishop Fianu who is the Episcopal Chairman for Health said “It is not good to live in denial of the pandemic. If one of us is not protected, we put all others at risk.

On spirituality of the pandemic, the Bishop intimated that “I would not call for a national prayer or crusade in which crowds will gather at the same place,” saying “We would be flouting the protocol of no big gatherings and we risk infecting many people.”

“We should continue to encourage our faithful to pray individually and in their various churches without ceasing,” he added.

On Churches strictly adhering to the COVID19 directives, he felicitated churches that were doing their very best to adhere to the COVID19 directives, saying “We owe it a duty to our faithful to make sure that they are safe when they come to worship.”

“The place of worship should not be an infection ground. Having said this, it is also fair to add that if there are some churches that are not respecting the directives, the members should know the risk they are running; they should insist on the enforcement of the directives,” he said.

“We should be our own safety agents and not expect an external authority to compel us to do what is for the safety of our faithful, Bishop Fianu stated.”

He noted “If we observe that social gatherings are not respecting the protocols, I believe it is for lack of adequate education and the attitude that someone must compel us to observe directives that are for our own good.”

According to him, “The root cause of these behaviours is the breakdown of respect for laws and values in our society. Some of us feel we are free to do what we like and do not consider the harm our action or inaction may cause to our neighbour.”

“We need to go back to the drawing board of our educational system to review our curriculum to improve on what we may not be doing well today as compared to “the good old days”.

“There is the need to educate ourselves on respect for one another and the right judgment of behaviour.,” he concluded.


Source: Damian Avevor//newswatchgh.com