Krowor Municipal Assembly Champions Gender Mainstreaming Orientation For Fisher Folks

Krowor Municipal Assembly Champions Gender Mainstreaming Orientation For Fisher Folks

The Agriculture Department of the Krowor Municipal Assembly (KROMA) in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana has offered a gender mainstreaming orientation programme for some fisher folks within the municipality under the Modernizing Agriculture in Ghana (MAG) initiative.

As Tuesdays are culturally days that  fishing is not done in fishing communities in Ghana, the Agriculture Department took advantage and gathered fisher-folks to educate them on gender mainstreaming this week. The orientation held at the seashore in Nungua saw a number of people participating.

The participants include Yesu Mogya Fish Processors Association, Tsenaa Fish Processors Association, Market Women Association and some selected farmers in the municipality.and saff of the department of Agriculture.

Mr. Joseph Marbell delivering his presentation to participants

Speaking at the orientation programme, the resource person, Mr. Joseph Marbell, a retired Externtionist, described gender mainstreaming as a collective effort and acceptance of shared responsibility. He said “gender is all about development of our people and it starts with the roles and responsibilities of everyone of us in a society”.

He further stated that “when we appreciate gender as a collective effort, we will come to the realization that decision-making involves all and not the sole responsibility of some selected few in our society”.

Mr. Joseph Marbell

Also, appreciating gender brings freedom to an individual and drives away inferiority complex since it helps us to accept certain responsibilities perceived to be a role of a particular gender wholeheartedly, he opined.

Tasking the participants to carry the message to others in the community, Mr. Marbell noted that peer to peer education yields better results.

For her part, Madam Elizabeth Tapang-Tettey, the Director of Agriculture at the Krowor Municipal Assembly under whose watch the orientation took place, said the program is part of a series of programs and training sessions being held under the MAG initiative.

Madam Elizabeth Tapang-Tettey, Director of Agriculture at the Krowor Municipal Assembly

Mad. Tapang-Tettey stated that since the inception of MAG the assembly have been able to give agrochemical training, bookkeeping orientation, climate change education with regards to farming, post-harvest education and identification of diseases among others to farmers within the community.

According to her, the schedule of the programmes varies, saying that “sometimes the programmes are held quarterly, monthly or every other week.

She averred that researches conducted by her outfit after every training session urge the department to execute more training sessions.

She also added that due to COVID 19 protocols and lessons learned from previous training, the department has segmented training to avoid crowding.


Source: Aboagye-Yeboah