MAREDES Calls For Intensified Help For Needy Amidst Concerns of COVID-19

MAREDES Calls For Intensified Help For Needy Amidst Concerns of COVID-19


The Marshallan Relief and Development Services (MAREDES), a Catholic friendly charity organisation in Ghana, has called for increased support for the needy as well as the marginalised in society as the  COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage on.

The Charity arm of the Knights and Ladies of Marshall, in a statement marking World Day of the Poor on November 15, said it was expedient for charity organisations the world over to increase support for individuals with very little to cater for themselves in the face of the Novel Coronavirus.

The statement signed by  Chairperson of MAREDES, Respected Lady Sister Elizabeth Anderson-Yebuah said “MAREDES prays for increased tempo of charity activities and programs to support needy churches, communities, families, youth groups, institutions, hospitals and medical staff in these crucial times even as it joins the world in prayer for a speedy identification of a cure to the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic which has increased poverty among God’s children.”

The statement explains that “the widespread nature of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic may discourage many whose businesses and livelihoods have been adversely affected. However, the book of Wisdom admonishes us all that in such difficult circumstances we should wait on God who strengthens and provides all our needs. Prayer and waiting on God, Wisdom insists, must be done in solidarity with the poor and suffering.”

It adds that “In this era of COVID-19, poverty has manifested in many and diverse ways around us, bringing home Christ’s admonition that the poor will always be with us. MAREDES has observed a significant rise in job losses all over the world, reduced opportunities for the unemployed and new entrants to the labour market.”

“It has also witnessed an escalated number of the sick as a result of the COVID-19 infections, it added.”

Pope Francis declared the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time of the Roman Catholic Church’s Liturgical Calendar, World Day of the Poor, in November 2016, to mark the end of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy.

The commemoration this year was on the theme “Stretch Forth Your Hand to the Poor.”