News of COVID-19 Infections in Schools Worrying – Catholic Bishop Fianu

News of COVID-19 Infections in Schools Worrying – Catholic Bishop Fianu

By Damian Avevor

The Catholic Bishop of Ho, the Most Rev. Emmanuel Kofi Fianu, SVD, says that the news of infection of school children in some schools is a concern to him.

“What is of concern to me is reports by civil society organizations that the protective measures promised by government for the schools are not available on the ground. If this is true, then we are putting the lives of some of our children at risk, he said in an interview.

Responding to a question on the reopening of schools amid the rise in COVID-19 cases cum the rapid death of some known Ghanaians of which some are Catholics, the Bishop said “I want to believe that government had consultations with the relevant stakeholders-parents, medical experts, Ghana Education Service, etc- before arriving at the decision to reopen schools in the country.”

According to him, Government would have to weigh the risks at hand as against an apparent desire to return to a form of normalcy.

“It is true that life must go on despite the pandemic or we must learn to live with the pandemic in what we call a “new normal” but that must be done with a lot of prudence so as not to put lives at risk. Every life counts and must be protected,” he stated.

On prominent persons succumbing to COVID-19, Bishop Fianu noted that the death of some prominent Ghanaians or reports about their infection is an indication the pandemic is real and no one is singularly safe.

“It must be a collective effort if we are to stay safe. I believe these prominent people followed the protocols but those they interacted with did not and so they were infected,” he said.

He added that “The fact that we are hearing of the infection of prominent people is also a sign that we are moving away from stigmatization so that we can handle the pandemic better.”


Source: Damian Avevor//