[Opinion] Evergreen with Jesus 33: Holy Child Series 6:

[Opinion] Evergreen with Jesus 33: Holy Child Series 6:


Dearly beloved of the Eucharistic Lord, may we THANK GOD for counting us among the living on earth. We also thank God for all the intentions and petitions which he has granted in the past as we keep imploring Him to attend to the needs of the world. We also pray for the heart to accommodate the Supreme Court’s rulings on the election petition for peace to prevail.

We continue with our court drama today. It is day two already and judgements are to be expected by the close of the day. All are in greater anticipation for a merciful and favourable results as they have assured their followers that they are on track. God is Spirit, He is DIVINE, hence, He perceives with clarity and precision more than human judges. The Psalmist says: WHO SHALL STAND IN HIS HOLY PRESENCE? … NOTHING IS HIDDEN WHICH IS NOT MADE KNOWN. … HE DISCERNS OUR PURPOSES FROM AFAR.

So, after the father serpent, the prince of devils, Lucifer, managed to win against the woman, who also led her man astray per the power of her emotions, (know that she did not say much to convince Adam to eat the fruit), they all the couple felt guilty for DISOBEDIENCE. Every mortal sin is a gross disobedience to GOD.

The reasons why God PUNISHES us for our DISOBEDIENCE to His Gospel are as follows:

1. We disrespect God’s sovereignty as our CREATOR and GOD. We put ourselves over and above God or equal to Him. Thus, PRIDE precedes every fall.

2. We hurt our CONSCIENCE by striking a covenant with the devil. Every decision after such sins may lead us farther away from God. For example, if I sleep with a lady, I would have committed the sin of adultery. It will be likely for me to think of telling a lie to cover up my sin. So, like David, I may think of pushing it on another man closer to her (Urriah). If it does not work out, the next option may be to terminate it to avoid a long time reminder of my sin. By doing so, the lady may also die in the process. You may count the number of sins I may have committed after the first.

3. We lose God’s Grace and mercy because the Holy Spirit does not live in a FILTHY BODY. In the same way, we lose touch with our guardians angels and patron saints because we listen more to the devil’s louder voice.

Therefore, God Judges us, condemns us gives us PENANCE to atone for our sins in order to make us BETTER that before we sinned. That is why St. Paul says: “WHERE SIN ABOUNDS, GRACE ABOUNDS ALL THE MORE.” God does not PUNISH to destroy us but to REFORMS us for our own better future life of eternity. That also explains why the author of the Letter to the Hebrews says: “GOD PUNISHES THE CHILDREN LOVES.

In the SUPREME GOD JUDGEMENTS, God the Father shows no partiality at all. He is joined by His other SUPREME GOD JUDGES – the Son and the Holy Spirit. So, He begins with
1. The Devil (the serpent): His whole being shall not be exalted to heaven again as he eats dust and crawls on its belly. He has no hope of LIFE ETERNAL at the RESURRECTION of the dead. His cunning ways (depicted in the way a snake moves) shall betray him for an arrest by man. And, above all, his head which he used to lure the woman will forever be crushed under her feet 8 he tries to poison her head by biting her foot since the toes lead nerves to the brain.

2. The Woman: She is going to suffer excruciating pains especially in labour through to delivery because through her would come all the living. However, such pains would PURIFY her immune system and strengthen her emotionally to endure the challenges of life since the devil would keep chasing her like a man who spots a beautiful girl and vows to pursue her after experiencing something magical about her, especially in terms of good conduct. A woman who cannot endure life’s challenges cannot marry. Again, woman will be restored to her original status as the body to Man who is the head. This is because, the devil knew where and when to strike on target.

Instead of targeting the heart, he struck the head of the woman who in turn convinced the spouse with her sound Emotional ENERGY.

3. The Man: For disobeying God by listening to an unknown voice through his partner, he was to sweat to work harder to feed humanity. Once a woman gives birth, man has to work very hard to cater for the needs of woman and child. That is why every government which does not work hard to produce becomes poor. Such a government is lazy. It is sad that Ghana has run short of maize when in 83, Rawlings led the youth to sow maize to the extent that Ghana exported tons of it to neighboring countries. A household will starve if father is lazy as he draws his life around lottery, gambling, drinking and smoking instead of working hard by using the mind, heart and hands to bring food and services home. Lottery and gambling are games of probability and chance. Others are building mansions on water while we are polluting our water bodies due to illegal mining engineered by government. Dr. Kwame NKRUMAH was a MAN, Gen. Kutu Acheampong was also a man. Rawlings as well as Kuffuor. These heads of State made conscious efforts to alleviate POVERTY during crises moments in Ghana. I am sure others tried same. What happened after HIPC when our Cedi competed with the dollar that after 20 years, the Cedi trails far behind the dollar?

So, I as a member of the Pastoral Communications Team (PCT) of the SUPREME GOD COURT, I have tried to explain the intention of the heavenly Judgesiiii8, and surely, his will lead to REFORMS in the salvation history.

Dearly beloved, let us take the Supreme Court Judges on the Elections petitions to represent GOD. We address them as LORD, so, they are very powerful. They have called out all Ghanaians over the sins committed before, during and after the elections. Who is Adam? The third WITNESS of the petitioner. He answered unasked questions like Adam: IT WAS THE WOMAN (JAM) you put in the strong room who instructed (deceived) us? When the woman was asked, she also turned to the serpent who encouraged her.

Beloved, I expect the Supreme Court to accept the fact that all parties have erred in the electioneering process and pass objective judgements on each party, and lead the country for a REFORM. I am not expecting what happened at the 2013 petition where the ruling party was acquitted while the opposition party (the petitioner) was totally convicted. Yet, there were reforms to the CI for elections. Why did they fix what is not broken? So, if the judges rule 100 % in favour of the respondent as it seems the case, there will not be the need for any reforms since everything is fine.

From the moral point of view, I must reiterate that ALL have sinned in the Elections 2020 and so like God, they ought to be told frankly that they erred in the process. May I pray for INNOCENCE of mind and heart. Amen!



Source: Rev. Fr. Ebenezer Kofi Hanson