[Opinion] Kudos to USA Dept of Justice

[Opinion] Kudos to USA Dept of Justice

That the United States of America (USA) Federal Government went through the recent transition of political power is commendable.

However, given the tense political atmosphere from many allegations of election fraud, the United States Department of Justice stands tall as the enviable force behind the success story.

With its Seal of an Eagle, Olive branch, Arrows and motto: ‘qui pro domina justitia sequitur’, the Dept acted on behalf of justice rather than the US president.

The credibility of the US Dept of Justice manifested most especially in truth, resilience, impartiality, etc in the face of overt government plans to manipulate the judiciary.

Sadly, in certain parts in the world, governments do the appointment of judges to levels in the judiciary for personal security.

While this should be avoided on the part of those who have the power to appoint, those appointed should learn the shining Ameican example.

The natural law states: “No-one is judge in his own cause” (Lat: nemo judex in causa sua). No person must judge a case in which they have an interest.

Justice is crucial for true peace.
However, justice is based on the truth that is supported by the law which is interpreted by credible lawyers and judges.

Anything short of this brings the judicial system into disrepute and allow people to take the into their own hands. The cost is expensive – total social chaos.


Source: Rev. Fr. Dr. Prosper Abotsi