[Opinion] Ready for Elections

[Opinion] Ready for Elections

Having lived life a little over 20, my young mind has observed the turn of events before and after political elections. Workers being laid off, national projects coming to a halt as new ideas build up and are duly implemented. I have heard the success stories of some businesses after the change of government. I sympathize with the unemployment of well-abled youth. I see the bias in supporting persons with disability who sell edibles by the roadside. With the mythical ideology that some disabilities are infectious. Having witnessed the inflation of market prices, fuel prices, school fees, cost of transportation, and reduction in allowances, should my pocket not worry?

The hope of gargantuan manifestos amidst poor roads and infrastructure, frequent cuts in electric power supply, deserted livelihoods of communities and rural areas, and the constant pleas of citizens reported on the News, has made me ponder,  would my vote ever count?

On the brighter side, there are great innovations to our name as a country. Globally, we have attained quite a self-reliant peak, emphasis laid on “quite”. Peace has been a commodity well sought after, and kudos, we can brag of that. What use would it be, walking the streets of a well-developed country, yet having bullets fly over your head?

Should concerns only be raised nearing elections? A vote entails more than just a stamp on a picture, for the ballot box. If I can vote, I must have the understanding I agree with the policies and physical evidence of the given political party, having weighed all criticisms.

Casting a vote should be enough in this regard.  In-depth analysis has however enlightened my political opinion and contrasted that view, in that, people, especially young people, owe the country the duty to seek and ensure free and fair elections. Youngsters should not sit aloof waiting for when to vote at the polling station and hearing voting results declared on the television, internet or radio.

( Please note: Concerns addressed cuts across globally but limited to the Ghanaian youth for the purpose of this write up)


In exercising your franchise, it is crucial to note the following:

a. The Ghanaian youth should be mindful not to circulate false news because it can result in; conflicts, it may interfere in the votes of a political party, the perpetrator of the crime could be imprisoned or made to pay a fine as stated by Law.

Before passing on a post or initiating one, it is essential to access How the information was obtained, When the information was publicised. Why the information must be passed on and whether the information is offensive to the laws of the land.


b. The Ghanaian youth should support a political party because they genuinely believe the party can make positive influence or change to the current economy and developments of the country.


c. Young people should not be compelled to vote because they are forced to (be it ethnic preferences, parental or family coercion, religious beliefs, bribes, corrupt agendas etc). They must be well informed by taking time to follow-up on the results of political parties so that they vote on their own discretion. Thus, being abreast with national current affairs.


d. Coverage of media content from neighbouring countries and beyond have proven that demonstrations, though lawful, could turn a wrong turn, injuring and claiming the lives of innocent citizens. Aside demonstrations, the youth may as well make known their concerns or disagreements by exploring other helpful and non-injurious avenues such as; writing helpful articles, post, signing petitions inter alia. In making such submissions, I plea with opponents to desist from cyberbullying.


e. In writing or voicing out concerns, the youth should direct them to the appropriate bodies or organization liable for that action.


f. The Ghanaian youth must see voting is an obligation. It is a right that ought to be exercised because the end result has an impact on citizens.

An election is not fair if people do not understand why they have to vote hence avoid voting. Voting should be a pressing concern.


g. The Ghanaian youth must adhere to all rules regarding the voting process.


In view of the aforementioned, I look forward to A Better Ghana.


Source: Richil E.A Mawuenyega


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