[Opinion] WHO Recieves The First Jabs of COVID-19 Vaccines in Ghana?

[Opinion] WHO Recieves The First Jabs of COVID-19 Vaccines in Ghana?

Headline news reports yesterday (24th February 2021) of major international media, including the New York Times, Washington Post and the Catholic News Service, hailed The Black Star of Africa (Ghana, my Beloved Country) for receiving their first consignment of the Covid-19 Vaccines, ahead of any other country in Africa (correct?).

Kudos to the Government of Ghana!! I woke up today with my mind occupied by this! I imagined some aged rural farmers; mainly women, receiving the first jabs of the vaccines! Perhaps I was dreaming and why NOT dream about SOCIAL JUSTICE! My personal interview granted to our most esteemed National Catholic Weekly – The Catholic Standard, some two weeks ago, already expressed the need for equity in the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccines.

I was not only re-echoing the Vatican’s Call on the RIGHT TO COVID-19 VACCINES which was signed by two eminent Cardinals (Turkson & Tagle), but also a personal conviction to SOCIAL JUSTICE in service delivery!
Vulnerable rural poor receiving the first jabs of the vaccine are issues of social justice, positive affirmative action, a communication strategy and an OPTION FOR THE POOR!!

The national effort for inoculation will come to very little UNLESS our population’s majority, who are rural and poor are specifically prioritized and targeted. This is how to demystify and denounce the conspiracy theories about the vaccines taking the rounds so perversely!! It will make the public awareness efforts of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Caritas Ghana and others easier!

Time is now for Government to provide a transparent and traceable plan of roll out for the Covid-19 vaccines! The question of WHO IS GETTING COVID-19 VACCINES IN GHANA should be easy to find at all levels of governance (National, Regional & Local Government). As far as I can see now, vaccines seem to be the most potent resort to curtailing the socioeconomic and health devastation of the Covid-19 pandemic! Everyone MUST be interested in this and truly engaging for this to be realized.


Source: Samuel Zan Akologo