Religious Bodies, Population Council Deliberate on Effects of COVID -19 on Educational System in Ghana

Religious Bodies, Population Council Deliberate on Effects of COVID -19 on Educational System in Ghana

The National Population Council and Religious Bodies in Ghana have organised a workshop in Accra to address challenges facing the community fabric and the way forward to foster unity among its members.

The programme which was held at the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) hall, was dubbed “Effect of COVID-19 on Teenage Pregnancy and the attainment of sustainable development goals”.

Speaking at the event, a Priest of the Catholic Church, Fr. David Amissah Andoh explained the effectiveness of COVID-19 pandemic on social life both politically and economically which impacted on the lives of the ordinary Ghanaian negatively.

He lamented how the pandemic affected the educational system in Ghana and listed education into three domains- Cognitive, Psychomotor and Affective.

Saying that “Our educational system has deviated from the moral values in our society, he pleaded with authorities to endeavour to inhibit some of the moral values into the students for a brighter future.

The participants, divided into three groups, discussed various topics on the challenges facing the educational sector which include the lack of parental care, communication and supervision, Poverty and Peer pressure, Reproduction health information services and early marriage.

At the presentation, a group made a request to the government to bring back the moral education which will direct the students to the right path.

They asked for the return of traditional education and the giving back mission schools to the religious entities.

According to the group, important things are most devastating and one of our community devastater is the Teenage Pregnancy.

The Executive Director of National Population Council, Dr. Leticia A. Appiah, lauded the media for their good works and pleaded with them to continue to help in sensitizing the public especially teenagers on the negative effect of teenage pregnancy in our society.


Source: Serge Apaloo & Naami Tawiah/