Six Public Personalities Who Have Died From COVID-19 Over The Past Week

Six Public Personalities Who Have Died From COVID-19 Over The Past Week

It has been reported that the new variants of the Coronavirus are already in the country. These are the UK and the South Africa variants.

These particular variants are fatal and do not spare anyone. It is killing both the young and the old, with or without underlying conditions.

The COVID-19 has taken the lives of prominent people in our country. These deaths occurred over the weekend.

  1. Joshua Kyeremeh: he was the National Security Coordinator and a member of the 2021 transitional team.

Joshua Kyeremeh

2. Leonard Gikunu: He was the Head of Cooperate Finance at Fidelity Bank.

Leonard Gikunu


3. Oti Boateng: He was the CEO of Chocho industries. Makers of chocho cream and soap.

Oti Boateng


4. Frances Awuah-Kyerematen: She was the Associate Director Of Ashesi University.

Frances Awuah-Kyerematen

5. Ben Arthur: Executive Secretary of Coalition of NGOs in water and sanitation.

Benjamin Arthur

6. Nanabayin Pratt: Lecturer at Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) and he was the former Director of New Times Cooperation.

Nanabayin Pratt


All these personalities were highly respected in this country and their death has been a great loss to the country. They were killed by Covid-19 in a space of one week.

We are therefore advised to wear our nose masks and adhere to the other Covid-19 safety protocols.

COVID-19 is real so stay alert.