You Can’t Believe in Jesus and be Afraid of Touching Coronavirus Patients – Pastor Chris

Nigerian Famous Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has stated that a Christian cannot say he/she believes in Jesus and be afraid of touching someone with coronavirus.

The man of God said this in a televised serviced when he was speaking to his congregants around the world.

He reiterated his claim of churches still being shut because some church leaders have insisted that for places of worship to reopen, health guidelines he (Pastor Chris) described as “wicked” must be observed. Some of the guidelines include wearing of gloves to lay hands on the sick and suspension of communion.

“You cannot believe in Jesus and be afraid of viruses because Jesus touched the lepers and healed them, the Bible is clear”

Pastor Chris insisted that what church leaders are inadvertently planning is “persecution of Christians” as leaders in the country might currently be mocking Christians.